Best celeb hair – Blake Lively. Especially the new “bronde” • Inspirations: Jen Atkin (celeb stylist) Love her company and all her tutorials. • Celeb hair I’d like to do: Donald Trump. Really. Mostly because I need to know where that combover starts. It causes me visual insanity. • Fave Eminence product: Citrus and Kale serum. Hey, I’m getting old over here. • Fave Colorproof product: Plush locks. It speeds up your blow-dry time ANNNNND you get to smell like CAKE all day long 🙂 • Fave Redken product: Stay high. The higher the hair, the closer to God, right? • Fave service to do: Highlighting… especially all the new ‘off-the-root’ techniques. • Best tip for doing hair: Don’t try too hard at recreating exactly what your stylist has done. I always tell my clients to find one ‘section’ you really like and work around it. It’s never gonna be exactly the same 2 days in a row anyhow, because it’s hair and it’s meant to move!

Karen Albaugh


I’m Karen Albaugh, hairstylist and owner of done. (hair, skin & nails) in Niverville, MB. I’m super excited, after 20+ yrs in the industry, to have my own salon! It’s been a lifelong dream, and a long journey. I guess you could say I’ve been a hairstylist since birth.


My Dad was a high school teacher and I chose my babysitters based on whether or not I thought I’d enjoy doing their hair. Really. 🙂


While I grew up in Dryden, ON, my actual career began at the Edward Carriere Salon in Winnipeg. I journeyed from apprentice to intermediate stylist there over an 8 yr period, then, a close friend and very talented stylist opened a salon in Kenora. I decided to make a change and headed East to beautiful Lake of the Woods, where I spent the next 8 yrs at the Keric Funk Salon, Spa & Boutique. I also had the privilege of mentoring young stylists there, which was something I really enjoyed… #nikkiraebaker 🙂 In the middle of my Keric Funk years, I took a years hiatus to work with NAHA award winning stylist and salon owner Jackie Elliott in Banff, AB. My last three years have been spent running my own business in Kenora through the very talented Kim Wilson – owner Of Shear Heaven Spa. All of these uber talented stylists have led me to Niverville today…. so I can get it done 😉

Caitlyn Banman


Caitlyn grew up in New Bothwell, Manitoba and has loved doing hair her entire life.

“There are a lot of hairstylists in my family so I think a career in hairstyling was inevitable!”

When she was little, she would get up early every morning before school, sit on the bathroom counter and tried to style the perfect ponytail. She learned to braid at age 6 and started to braid everything she could get her hands on. By junior high she had figured out how to use a Marcel curling iron, and would have all her friends over to give them formal updos and full makeup applications. When she was 14 she started the hairstyling program at the SRSS and loved it! Caitlyn competed in the 2015 Manitoba Skills Competition and was given the Hairstyling Award for being the top of her class. Her apprenticeship was completed over two years with Shear Effects.


Best celeb hair – Jennifer Aniston  •  Inspirations – Mother and Auntie  •  Celeb hair I’d like to do – Kristen Stewart; the blonde, the copper, the roots, the cut!  •  Favourite service to do – Formal styling; it was the first thing I learned to do and can be one of the most basic, yet complicated services there are  •  Best tip for doing hair – understand your hair; if you don’t know how to work with your hair type, or why certain trouble spots never do what you want them to, you’re always going to be fighting with it. Learn to listen to it and go with the flow. 🙂